Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where the hell have you been?

I know, that is the question I ask myself when I view the page and the love it has received since it started January of this year... I have been extremely busy, but ladies, my ladies, I am back with a vengeance. Let's get this party back on and poppin...

Ms. V.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Academy Awards 2007

As if we didn't know that our Plush Diva Jennifer Hudson wasn't leaving that place without her Oscar. However, she did leave her house clearly disillusioned. I am so upset at the choice of accessory in the Bedazzler jacket she paired with an Oscar De LaRenta Dress.. :-( Mama, you had me screaming over here in agony.. Nevertheless, she clearly made up for it later on in the telecast, during her powerhouse performance of "Love you I do," accompanying Beyonce (who?) on "Listen" and ending the medley with Anika Noni Rose and that cutie Keith Robinson with "Patience."

Queen Latifah was in the house, looking fab. (I love that hair color on her, it makes her skin glow..). I especially loved her interaction with John Travolta while presenting.. is there hope for another Hairspray movie? We can only hope.

Want more on the 79th Annual Oscars? Hit up Young Black & Fabulous(www.ybf.blogspot.com) for more!

Until then, keep it stylish!

Ms. V.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Style Maven of 2007: Jennifer Hudson

What can you say about Jennifer Hudson that hasn't already been said? We can discuss her powerhouse voice, her triumph from being the American Idol loser to the Dreamgirls standout star. There are so many things that we can discuss, but instead we will focus on her as the emerging stylish PLUSH diva.
With a new record deal courtesy of Clive Davis and J records, and the recent Golden Globe, SAG, and (cross your fingers) Academy Award winner, what can this now Golden girl do next? Take over the world and put the Plush Diva revolution on the map. J-Hud: We salute you diva!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spotlight On: Igigi

After several people told me to check out this website, I happily obliged after being sick to my stomach of doing Google searches for plus sized clothing and finding certain websites that offered the "hottest in muumuu dresses." So, without further adieu, I present to you all www.igigi.com. The designer Yuliya Zeltsen, offers a plethora of fashions with categories such as "Metro Chic," "Date Night," and many more. They even sell wedding dresses and attire for your wedding guests! I especially loves their casual dresses as they have the New York nightlife feel to them, go and see for yourself.

What I also loved about the website is that they offered a lifestyle segment to the website that is just a forum for Plush Divas to discuss life specifically for us, with various blog about the "Big Girl's guide to life" as well as monthly model searches and contests. "Myshape," an in depth detail of the various shapes of the plus sized woman ranging from diamond shape to inverted triangle, specifies down to a tee our problems areas and what we need to accentuate using our clothing. It has been made clear that Igigi caters to us all.
"At IGIGI, we believe that words like "ample," "opulent," "curvaceous," and "voluptuous" should be mainstays in the fashion dictionary. It is important to accentuate and celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the female figure rather than cover it up with piles of fabric."

Why don't you see for yourself? www.igigi.com

Until then, keep it stylish!

Ms. V.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Style Maven: Sharon

Style Maven Sharon Moret Jackson is a 35 year old newlywed and Senior Legal Secretary. The Puerto Rico born, Brooklyn raised plush diva has two children, ages 2 and 5 and has a love for arts and crafts,music and reading. Sewing and crocheting come in handy for this short diva as she alters a majority of her clothes. She loves fashion, shopping and being a stylish individual and prides herself on her own personal trendy look. She has aspirations to either open up a restaurant, catering company or become an event planner. "I have parties for all kinds of occasions just to have friends and family over…I love cooking for crowds," she said. This style maven recently discovered ponytails. "what a concept..don’t want to do your hair? Throw one on and poof…Good hair day!! Love it!"

Interested in becoming a style maven? Please send your bio and photos to PlushFashionWatch@yahoo.com

Until then, keep it stylish!

Ms. V.

Spotlight On: Fashion Overdose

Fashion Overdose, the "Fashion Cure," was brought to my attention via myspace after I scoured for Plus Size designers on the come up. (by the way, have you been www.myspace.com/plushfashionwatch?) and I must tell you, the edgy, fun, street yet couture fashions caught my eye immediately. Formed in 2006 (Happy One Year Anniversary guys!), the line believes that with the right clothes, it can help enhance any Plush Diva's self-esteem with designs that compliment and flatters the shapes of petite and plus size divas everywhere.

"At Fashion Overdose large-size women and men are no longer second class citizens. Shopping will not be a frustrating and depressing experience. Just imagine going shopping with your girlfriends, one girl who is a size 2, a size 10 and what ever size you are and all of you can leave with an a outfit for Friday night. Larger women and men have been the “forgotten people”. That is changing!!! We at Fashion Overdose clothing believe that larger women and men can wear the same clothes that their “chic” sisters and brothers are wearing. FASHION!!!!! "

I couldn't agree more.

Come check them out and see for yourself: www.fashionoverdose.com and via myspace at www.myspace.com/fashionod

Until then, keep it stylish!

Ms. V.

Fashion Week 2007: Baby Phat

Miss Kimora put her foot in it for Fall 2007 with a line so diverse, so a mixture of looks that incorporate tweed, gold, silk and FABulousness and made me want to tell the judge. Here is what Mz. Lee offered:

The best part about Baby Phat is that they offer us Plush Divas the same styles in our size.. Now as a side note...

They have nothing to do with this blog, but dammit... I wish.. (sigh)

These fashions will be available for Fall 2007. I am waiting for it like Christmas..

Until then, keep it stylish!

Ms. V.